FREE Superheroine Hijab Pins!

These super-cute Hijab Pins will be given for FREE! Yep, you read that right. The different Superheroines Hijab Pins (very limited quantities!) will be given for free with the following purchases!

If you buy:
1) Any hijab pins, you will get the Superwoman Hjiab Pin
2) Any Ameemoo Basic Shawls, you will get the Captain America Hijab Pin
3) ‘Soulful Stories’ book, you will get the Wonder Woman Hijab Pin
4) Any Ameemoo Exclusive Printed Shawl, you will get the Batgirl Hijab Pin.

– Only one Hijab Pin will be given for each category. For example, you will get 1 Superwoman Hijab Pin even if you buy 1 Hijab Pin or 5 Hijab pins. If you purchase 1 book and 1 printed shawl, you will get 1 Wonder Woman hijab pin and 1 Batgirl hijab pin.
– No minimum spend or coupon code!
– There are less than 20 Superheroine hijab pins for each design. Hijab Pins will be given on a first-order-first-payment basis.

NEW Hijab Pins!

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