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  • Love love the tudung from Ameemoo! It's big yet cooling! I bought 3 from you. Always my go-to tudung lah! Best of all, tak payah gosok pun!

    Norwiyah Balkiah
  • I love them (the shawls)! No-iron, no-fuss, no-sweat!

    Nurazian Bajuri
  • The Rilla and Maya abayas are extremely beautiful!!

  • I have received the items and I am so loving it. Totally loves the material. And the colour is so breathtakingly cantik. This is my first time buying items from Ameemoo. My main concern before buying any shawl is the colour and also the material. Concern solved! I would definitely recommend Ameemoo to others. It's so extraordinary special!

    Nur Lina
  • So so in love with the shawls! Fuss-free & I barely have to iron 'em (that's a win!) Alhamdulillah I've received all the items in great condition, am loving all the hijab pins especially the floral ones. The 1st of its kind as I've never seen them elsewhere! I must add that the book you wrote along with all the other contributors, has been a truly inspiring & enjoyable read. Take care & keep bringing in good stuff!

  • My sister and I both loved the shawls! I have also received the replacement of the pin that broke. Thank you so much for your swift response, my sister and I are grateful for it! May Allah reward you for your honest dealings in business.

    Afifah Abdul Rahim